William Shelton, Sr.

granted 198 acres in 1773
in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

George the third ? To all ? Know ye that for divers good causes and Considerations but more Especially for and in Consideration of the sum of Twenty Shillings of good and Lawful Money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia We have Given Granted and Confirmed and by ? Presents for us our Heirs and Successors do Give Grant and Confirm unto WILLIAM SHELTON one Certain Tract or Parcel of Land containing one hundred and ninety eight Acres lying and being in the County of Pittsylvania on the North Branches of Dan River and bounded as followeth to wit


Beginning at a Pine thence new lines North one Hundred and ninety two Poles crossing a Branch to ?a red? Oak and Pine West one Hundred and sixty five Poles to Pointers South one hundred and ninety two Poles crossing a Branch to Pointers East one hundred and sixty five Poles to the Beginning With all ? To have hold ? To be held ? Yielding and paying ? Provided ? In Witness ? Witness our Trusty ?beloved John Earl of Dunmore our Lieutenant and Governor General of our said Colony and Dominion at Williamsburg. under the Seal of our said Colony the first Day of March one thousand seven hundred seventy three in the thirteenth Year of our Reign.

This document is then signed ' Dunmore '.