My Paternal Great-Grandmother.
This photo was given to me by my first cousin, twice removed - Dorothy Lewis. Ethel was her Aunt.

This photo is courtesy of Virginia Ewing. Thank you, VIRGINIA!

On the 23rd day of September, in the year of 1886, ETHEL CORRINE DAY was born to BYTHRALL DAY and MARY OLIVIA McNEIL who lived in Rosetta, Wilkinson county, Mississippi. ETHEL grew up, the 7th child, in a family of ten children.

In 1903, on June 28th, ETHEL was joined in holy matrimony to HENRY CLAY KING, the son of CHARLES B. KING and CLARISSA ANN VICTORIA DAY (ETHEL's first cousin, once removed). Of this union came 5 known children: CHARLES - born in 1905, EDWINA - born in 1906 (My grandmother - photo is in the photo album), HENRY - born in 1911, ROBERY - born in 1914, and RAYFORD - born in 1916.

ETHEL may have never known her father-in-law as she may have liked to - as family. CHARLES KING passed away prior to 1900 (he is not listed in the 1900 census with his wife). CLARISSA, her mother-in-law died sometime after 1900. eTHEL's father, BYTHRALL, died in 1912, and she lost her mother in 1923. ETHEL was also preceded in death by at least one sibling, her sister ABBEY BETHEL DAY HAZLIP.

On October 30th,1932, ETHEL was laid to rest in The Rosetta Cemetery in Wilkinson County, Mississippi. This woman must have been a good, loving woman, for she passed on those qualities to her daughter, EDWINA (my grandmother) who passed them on to her son, EDWIN (my father).

I have learned so little about this woman - my great-grandmother. I hope to learn more about her life, and her as a person. It's hard to describe the lost feelings for a relative you never met, until you try to reconstruct their lives. It brings you a little closer to them.