My Paternal Great-Grandfather.
This photo was given to me by my first cousin, twice removed - Dorothy Lewis. Henry was her Uncle.

This photo provided by Virginia Ewing. THANKS, VIRGINIA!

Henry Clay King was born on August 9th, 1879 to Clarissa Ann Victoria Day and Charles B. King. Charles was born the last child in a family on 9 children. His siblings were: Laura A. - born 1865, Rothwell - born 1867, Julia - born 1868, Lawrence - born 1872, Gilbert M. - born January 1872 (I suspect that Lawrence and Gilbert MAY have been twins, but cannot prove this yet), Charley - born 1874, Mary Victor - born 1876, and Thomas Luther - born 1879 (I believe he was named for his paternal grandfather).

Henry was married on June 28th, 1903 to Ethel Corine Day, daughter of Bythrall Day and Mary Olivia McNeil. To this union were born 5 known children: Charles - born in 1905, Edwina - born in 1906 (My Grandmother), Henry - born 1911, Robert - born 1914(see photo in photo album), and Raford - born in 1916.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Ethel Corine Day on October 30, 1932. Henry remarried to Amie Olivia Parker, the daughter of Thomas Albert Parker and Lucette Roberta Nelson. Amie is also Henry's second cousin. There were no known children to this marriage. Henry lost his second wife on October 6th, 1949. He died on November 6th, 1951, and is buried in the Rosetta Cemetery in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.

Henry, I would have loved to have known. His only daughter, having become in the family way without the benefit of marriage(that we know of), must have been dear to him, for he helped her to raise this child, until she eventually married. The child she carried was my father. I have learned to love this Henry Clay. He lived in a time where such things as children born out of wedlock were usually shunned by relatives. Not this man. He not only accepted it, but accepted the child as his own. May God bless his soul.