My Third Cousin.
This photo was provided by my third cousin - Vonette Curtis.

Von Toble Shelton, Junior was born April 30, 1951 to Von Toble Shelton and Rebecca Pruett. He was born at home. Home was located on the J Z Shelton road, off Hwy 370 from Sebree, on a 32 acre farm located on the mouth of Deer Creek and the Green River. This was a farm I believe to have been owned by family members from as far back as Josiah Cyrus Shelton, Joseph Zealot Shelton, J Z Shelton and Von Toble Shelton, Sr. He attended school in Sebree, and graduated from Webster County High School at Dixon, Ky. He was a member of the Sebree First Christian Church and was a Deacon.

"Junior" as he was the only name sake for this line of Shelton's - had a short 23 years of life. He was working for "Dover Elevator" installing elevator for the new section at St Mary's Hospital in Evansville, Indiana and fell in an elevator shaft head first and the impact crushed his head. He died shortly afterward in the hospital at St. Mary's.

He was survived by his wife and a 6 month old daughter. Rebecca, his mother, never got over his death, and was still talking about him on her death bed in 1997. She wrote several poems about him over her lifetime. He was a very good person, out going personality, and had a large group of friends. His closest friends were Ann Chamberlain Marsh and John Marsh. He and and his family lived on Steamport Road, off Hwy 370 near Sebree, Ky. at the time of his death.

The above bio was written by Vonette Curtis, Von's sister, and my dear cousin.

Copyright by Vonette Curtis © 1999