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My Personal "BRICK WALLS"

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ASHBY, Thomas - my 6th Great-grandfather.
I have more on his great-grandson Horatio than I do on him, however I have little on Horatio.

BEAUCHAMP, Thomas - my 11th Great-grandfather who lived in Northhampton, England. He died there in 1544.

BERRY, John - my 4th Great-grandfather.
John is hard to peg. He married Nancy Beauchamp and his children end up in KY, but I don't think John ever made it there. His wife remarried.

BRANDENBURG, Matthias - my 5th Great-grandfather.
This is my German line. Matthias came to KY from Germany.

CORBIN, Nicholas - my 8th Great-grandfather.
This is one of my English lines. An immigrant ancestor who died about 1697 in Maryland or Pennsylvania.

CUTRELL, Unknown - my 4th Great-grandfather.
I know nothing about him outside of the fact that his wife is listed in the 1820 census of TN with 5 children. I REALLY want to find this brick wall soon!

DIXON, Ambrose - my 8th Great-grandfather.
He died April 7th, 1686 in Somerset County, Maryland. I know little about him.

FOUNTAINE, Nicholas - my 8th Great-grandfather from Normandy, France.
I haven't attempted to do any research abroad yet, so this is for the future.

JORDAN, Thomas - my 5th Great-grandfather.
Born about 1743 in Jordan's Creek, Granville County, NC and died in 1815 in Franklin County, IL.

KITCHING, James - my 5th Great-grandfather.
Born 1744 possibly in VA, he died in 1818 in Smith County, TN where I found his will. He listed his wife Mourning, sons James and Thomas, and daughter Sarah Odum.

LANE, Roger - my 10th Great-grandfather.
Roger lived in England and he was an Apothecary.

ODUM, Moses - my 6th Great-grandfather.
This name seems to be quite popular with the descendants. Born 1729 in NC, he also died in NC.

ORRAND, John - my 4th Great-grandfather.
John is the father of Elizabeth who married Josiah Cyrus Shelton and Sarah Orrand who married Josiah's brother William Spencer Shelton. Elizabeth is my direct line.

PREWITT, Roger - my 8th Great-grandfather.
He was born about 1684 and is the father of George Byrd Prewitt which I find interesting because I have Byrd's on my father's lines.

SHELTON, William - my 5th Great-grandfather.
William was born about 1740's. I have been looking for his parents since 1997.
I can join the DAR under this line.

THOMAS, Robert - my 3rd Great-grandfather.
Robert came to Henderson County, KY from somewhere in VA. I have yet to determine his location and parentage.

TYDINGS, Richard - my 8th Great-grandfather.
He died about 1688-89 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

VERTREES (VERDRIESS), Johannes - my 7th Great-grandfather.
This is another German line, and the first line that I found a revolutionary patriot on. That would be his grandson Isaac Vertrees who joined in PA. I have his DAR file.

YATES, John - my 6th Great-grandfather.
John is the father of Hannah who married my brick wall William Shelton. He died in Pittsylvania County, Virginia before April 1778. I believe he may descend from Richard Yates who immigrated with his brother to northern VA, but later moved to the southern area of VA.
I can join the DAR under this line.

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BOWLIN, John - my 5th Great-grandfather.
Born about 1761 in Barnwell County, SC.

JOHNSON, Jeremiah - my 5th Great-grandfather.
Born 1739 in MD and died 1814 MD. There is supposed to be a DAR connection here, but I haven't located it yet.
I could join the DAR under this line if I can prove my father's father.

KING, Thomas - my 3rd Great-grandfather. 
Married Harriet ? in Tennessee (maybe). Thomas and Harriet were both born about 1798 in North Carolina.

MILLER, Christian - my 3rd Great-grandfather.
Born 1816 in either France or Germany, depending upon which census you believe. This name is popular down through the descendants in the Johnson lines.

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