Tina's Family Photo Album

This page will serve as a point of entry to the photos. You can pick which ones you prefer to view. In this way, you will not have to wait for a ton of pictures to load. Have fun, and enjoy !

bulletTina Marie King - ME!
bulletEdwin T. King - My father.
bulletWinfred Shelton, Sr. - My maternal grandfather.
bulletNellie May Thomas - My maternal grandmother.
bulletEdwina King - My paternal grandmother.
bulletCathy Shelton - My cousin. (David Shelton's daughter)
bulletDavid Shelton - My maternal uncle. (Cathy Shelton's father)\
bulletCaroline Kuntzner - My maternal aunt.
bulletDavid Day - My paternal 3X Great-Grandfather.
bulletReuben Anderson Melton - My maternal 3X Great-Uncle (married to a Shelton).
bulletJoseph J. Cutrell - My 3rd Great Uncle.
bulletSilba Frances Russell - My 2C4R.
bulletBarbara Angeline Taylor - My 3C3R (dau. of Silba Russell).
bullet Albert V. Shelton - My Maternal Great-grandfather.
bullet Winfield Scott Shelton & Annie Skudmore McMullin - My Maternal Great-Uncle
(brother to Albert Shelton).
bulletDelbert Palmer Shelton - Great-grandfather of cousin Genette Spear & my 3C3R
bulletSidney Shelton - son of William J. Shelton & Mrs. Louise Clinton & my 2C4R